Growth and Learning

At Next Games you are in control of your career and get to choose what to focus on, as long as it aligns with our studio needs. This means that your job description is not forever. We encourage and support you if you want to change your role and tasks, or your entire career with us!

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Feedback is an Opportunity to Learn

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Next Games’ has a strong feedback culture to make sure that we gather, give and analyze feedback to help everyone succeed in their work. We regularly organize evaluations for all our leaders as a learning tool for their leadership skills. We gather employee feedback through weekly pulse surveys to constantly improve as a company. We look for results, share feedback openly and welcome critical feedback as an opportunity to learn.

We are Learners and Teachers

Want to learn more about Game Design, Analytics or other topics? That’s all possible through our internal learning platform. Through the platform we provide training, onboarding, and other educational content for our employees created by our employees. You even get a cool certificate after completing a learning path!

As a part of Netflix, we have an opportunity to participate in workshops and learning opportunities on the Netflix side. This includes different types of trainings, such as leadership training, soft skills workshops and access to online learning tools.

Internal Game Jams

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For several years we’ve organized our internal game jam - Questing. During questing we want our employees to energize & empower themselves, their team, and the whole company. This means taking a few days of work time to give employees the possibility to study, or work on something they don’t usually work on, with people they don’t usually work with. The results are then shared with the whole company to learn and get inspiration from, with some initiatives becoming new game projects going forward!

Opportunities for Upcoming Games Industry Talent

We organize a Next Games Game Developer Academy program for students, but also more experienced programmers, looking to get into the games industry. Our previous Academy participants have highlighted the high barrier for entering the games industry and Next Games’ academy lowers this barrier tremendously giving the participants valuable insight and experience during a 6-month training period. After the program there is a possibility to secure a permanent position at Next Games and some of the previous participants are now some of our most valued colleagues! In addition to the Academy, we offer opportunities to join us as a trainee, so make sure to keep an eye out for our open positions!

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