Our Culture and Values

Our Values

Caring, Courage, Curiosity

Our values guide our everyday decision-making and help us grow in our desired direction. We truly honor them in every step of the way.

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We are compassionate, supportive, and treat each other with respect.

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We dare to take ownership, make decisions and are not afraid to fail.

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We never stop exploring, learning, asking questions and listening.

Conscious effort in achieving an inclusive culture

We don't look for a

culture fit

Our guiding light in growing our team is that we don’t look for a culture fit — we look for what each person brings to our culture and values to make them richer. We've made an important and very concrete commitment that no single gender identity make up for more than 49% of the company’s employees by 2030. It’s a long road: something we are actively building with other parties in the industry. We believe the rewards will be well worth it.

Every employee is empowered

Diversity in focus

Currently, we come from a wide range of backgrounds, with 34 nationalities and 29% other than male-identifying employees, we are prepared to work hard to achieve an even more diverse Next Games. We have an active, employee-led and management-sponsored group focusing on diversity, inclusion, and belonging that welcomes employees to participate across the whole company, along with several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We have also put considerable effort into ensuring equal and fair pay as well as ensuring our recruitment process is free of any unintentional bias.

We are in this together

It's all about the team

Creating an environment where colleagues support each other is an area we have put effort in over the years. While we work with individuals to advance their professional journey, we are ultimately all about growing great teams, who create great games. Each employee has a big role in that: how well you lift others around you is the ultimate measure of excellence.