The arbitral tribunal appointed by the Redemption Board of the Finland Chamber of Commerce has on 14 October 2022 confirmed that the redemption price of Next Games Corporation shares is EUR 2.10 per share

Next Games announced on 19 August 2022 that the arbitral tribunal has confirmed Netflix, Inc.’s right to the obtain title to the minority shares against the placing of a security approved by the arbitral tribunal for the payment of the redemption price and the interest possibly accruing thereon. Netflix placed this security on 19 August 2022 and has consequently obtained title to the Next Games minority shares. Shares held by minority shareholders have been replaced by new instruments entitling their holders to receive the redemption price. According to information received by Next Games, Netflix, Inc. will pay the redemption price in accordance with the applicable law and the judgement of the arbitral tribunal within one month from the arbitral award becoming final. The arbitral award becomes final in 2 months after it has been registered in the Trade Register.