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Diversity & Inclusion at Next Games

Published July 01, 2022

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As a partner of Helsinki Pride this year, we wanted to share some Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) topics that we’ve been focusing on recently as we continue on our journey to become an even more inclusive employer. We come from a wide range of backgrounds with 31 nationalities and 23% other than male-identifying employees. Even though we have had a focus on increasing diversity and we take it very seriously, we realize we still have a way to go. Below we have outlined some of our key initiatives in this area. Together we are committed to build a diverse Next Games.

    • We’ve had an employee-lead Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging working group since 2019, focusing on a variety of DIB topics. You can read more about the group’s work here.

    • We are constantly working on making our staff more diverse. We don’t look for culture fit — we look for what you’re bringing to our culture and values. This means we don’t aim to hire people who are similar to us, but we actively seek diversity, new perspectives and backgrounds.

    • We actively seek to remove any unintentional bias in our hiring process, pay and promotions review process, and the manner in which we behave in everyday situations. Our values, Caring, Courage and Curiosity, firmly guide our everyday work and how we treat each other.

    • Our DIB-related employee survey questions focus on inclusion and belonging in general and we regularly ask about these topics to stay on track how we are doing as a company.

    • We've made an important and very concrete commitment to reach 50% of non-male identifying employees in our staff by 2030. It’s a long road: something we are eager to start building with other parties in the industry. We believe the rewards will be well worth it.

    Are we missing something? We are happy to be a part of the conversation and welcome feedback!