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Netflix Finland, Next Games, Moonloot Draw Crowds At the IGDA Helsinki March Meetup

Published March 16, 2023

IGDA HELSINKI MARCH 2023 Saara Bergström

On March 14th, 2023, Netflix Finland, Next Games, and Moonloot sponsored the monthly IGDA Meetup at Maxine in Helsinki. The event was also streamed on the IGDA Finland Twitch channel.

This was the first time Next Games had sponsored an IGDA event since 2018, and the first time since becoming a Netflix games studio.

In total, 575 people from the Finnish game developer community attended the event, making it one of the most-attended IGDA Helsinki meetups in recent history.

IGDA Helsinki March 2023 Reko Ukko

Next Games COO Saara Bergström, CCO Reko Ukko, and Corporate Responsibility & Comms Specialist Felicia Prehn gave short introductions to what the three companies are up to. After that, industry union Game Makers Of Finland presented their yearly salary review.

After the talks finished, it was time to relax and mingle!

IGDA Helsinki March 2023 Felicia Prehn

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IGDA Helsinki March 2023 attendees