The shares of Next Games Corporation (NXTGMS) are listed on Nasdaq First North Finland marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The company’s shares are included in the book-entry system operated by the Euroclear Finland Ltd.

Next Games’ registered share capital amounts to EUR 80,000 and the number of registered shares is 30,063,795. The shares have no par value. At the moment, the company holds 13,410 own shares.

The shares have been entered into the Finnish book-entry securities system and their ISIN code is FI4000233267. There are no voting restrictions applicable to the shares.

Shareholder register is maintained and available at Euroclear Finland Ltd’s office in Urho Kekkosen katu 5 C, 8th floor, Helsinki, Finland.

In accordance with the company’s First North rules, as the certified advisor of the company acts Danske Bank A/S, Helsinki Branch.