Our Strategy

Players mean the world to us. A high quality, immersive game play experience that is loyal to the original TV series has enabled the download numbers of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land to rise rapidly. Happy players spend a long time with our games. Our growth strategy is to develop new games based on mass entertainment products, expand and grow The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, open new geographical markets to the company’s games and develop our advertising revenue model.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land                                    

The remarkable popularity of AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead is a good basis for attracting new players to the game. The main characters, such as Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Negan, are extremely popular among the fans and give players an opportunity to play their favorite characters. In addition, the audience gets to enjoy familiar scenes from the TV series on the very next day after the show has aired in the US. We have continuously brought the game closer to the events of the series, which we believe will contribute to engaging the fans of the series and the game even more efficiently than before.

Expanding the game portfolio

Mobile games are a compelling way of turning entertainment stories from TV shows and movies into parts of the players’ everyday lives. We hold a constant dialogue with license owners to get the rights to publish regularly new mobile games based on major entertainment products. Our goal is to publish one or more new games each year beginning from 2018.

Growth from new markets

In line with our growth strategy, we plan to access new geographical markets. The mobile gaming market is global, but in our experience, it requires the ability to adjust games and their supporting functions locally. We believe that strengthening our local marketing expertise and customer service, along with local partners, supports the expansion of our games to new countries.

Development of the advertising revenue model and marketing

In-game advertising is part of our revenue model, and we have developed proprietary technology to target advertising. With this technology, we can tailor marketing actions more accurately than before, which we believe will increase in-game advertising revenue. We constantly strive to develop marketing-related creative implementations and investigate the potential of brand marketing within the game.