Why Invest in Next Games?

Blazing trails with licensed mobile games

Mobile games are a compelling second screen to experience memorable stories from TV shows, movies or books. Our strategy to create games on existing large entertainment franchises allows Next Games to get in front of an already existing enthusiastic audience. Our The Walking Dead games is a great example of this.

Players come first for Next Games. Player satisfaction, high retention and eventually monetization are a result of creating an authentic experience, true to the original IP.

Attractive business model in a growing market

People spend more and more time playing mobile games. In the United States, over 50% of digital media is consumed on a mobile device¹. Combining an engaging mobile game with an entertainment franchise makes it easier to acquire players as there is a pre-existing fan community.

¹ In April 2016, source: eMarketer

Strong ties to the entertainment industry

We believe we have strong relationships with major Western TV and movie IP owners. Our network and relationships are an important advantage to us when acquiring new licenses for games. The American studios, AMC and Lionsgate are also investors in Next Games.

Highly efficient player acquisition

Our multi-channel marketing strategy fused with the organic downloads driven from the original IP’s pre-existing fan community, is an efficient combination. Our player acquisition model has yielded an attractive return on investment for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. We believe the model will power our next games as well.

A satisfied player stays in the game

We have demonstrated we can create a truly immersive and engaging game experience based on franchise entertainment IP. It’s important for us to keep our players playing for a long time. We are constantly developing new in-game events, campaigns and content.

Quality of service is key

Building a sustainable business on the free-to-play business model requires specific expertize. The quality of service needs to be consistent for all players in service-based games. The key is to bring optimal added value for players with in-game purchases and to stay authentic to the world of the original IP.

A truly global company

Our games can be downloaded in over 166 countries all over the world. We have experience in developing and publishing games on a global scale. Our cloud based technology platform will effectively scale as we continue to expand our operations globally.