Insider management

In matters regarding insiders, Next Games complies with the applicable legislation and FFSA standards as well as the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and the company’s own insider guidelines, as required from companies listed on the Nasdaq First North Finland marketplace.

Persons discharging managerial responsibilities at Next Games are subject to a so called “closed period”, which begins 30 calendar days before the announcement of a half year report, business report or financial statement bulletin or preliminary information thereon and during which time such persons may not conduct any transactions relating to the shares or other financial instruments of Next Games. The closed window also applies to the company’s annual financial report, in case it includes non-disclosed information that can significantly affect the company’s share value. The closed period includes the day on which Next Games has disclosed the abovementioned information.

The scope of the persons subject to the closed period includes also Next Games employees who are involved in the preparation of Next Games’ annual financial reports, half year reports, business reports or financial statement bulletins, or otherwise regularly receive information regarding the contents of annual financial reports, half-year reports, business reports or financial statement bulletins before they are made public.