Why Invest in Next Games?

  •  Mobile games based on popular entertainment franchises such as movies or TV shows   
  • Strong evidence of creating long-lasting, engaging mobile games
  • Manages the entire value chain from game production to publishing and marketing – One-stop-shop service for entertainment franchises
  • Current franchises include: The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and Blade Runner. Close relationships with all major entertainment IP owners
  • Unified infrastructure for efficient game production, data processing and optimization of marketing investments
  • Estimate to publish one or two games in 2020
  • Considerable investments in research and development: 51% of employees worked in new projects in different development phases in 2019

Transforming and growing, global market

The global mobile game market has continued to grow for several years. By 2022, the market is forecasted to grow to USD 95.4 billion (CAGR + 9.7%), creating growth opportunities for global game companies operating in the market. In recent years, fewer and fewer games have been released, and the market growth today is based on the increase in time spent with games and in-game purchases. At the same time, the growing interest from entertainment franchises towards the gaming industry will create new opportunities for companies such as Next Games going forward.

Next Games meets the key challenges in the changing market

The mobile gaming industry is shaped by a number of global trends that have a powerful impact on how game companies operate. Growing loyalty towards well-known brands, increased game performance requirements and intensifying competition, and thus longer product development times, as well as growing user acquisition costs, are key challenges in the industry. Next Games addresses these challenges with its long-term strategy – by utilizing popular franchises and global partners, and fully utilizing the company’s efficient shared game development infrastructure.

Popular franchises power-up user acquisition

Combining a high-quality mobile game with a popular entertainment franchise makes it easier to convert a member from the brand’s existing audience to a player. In addition, entertainment franchises have their own direct-to-consumer channels which the company strives to harness to support user acquisition. This allows the total cost of user acquisition to be lower than without the assistance of a popular franchise. In order to grow the games’ playerbase and to increase purchases, new game content is constantly being created, supported by data analysis and player feedback. A quality game experience keeps players engaged for a long time.

Unified infrastructure supports growth

Growing user acquisition costs, higher game performance requirements, and the need for continuous content production result in longer game development times and higher costs. With Next Games’ proprietary technology and analytics platform, game development is faster and more efficient as code, for example, can be reused between games. A unified infrastructure also makes our analytics, customer service and marketing more efficient. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning plays an increasingly important role, for example in developing monetization models. In 2019, our product development costs were 19% of revenue.

A respected and global game and entertainment industry partner

License holders see games as an increasingly important part of their business. Next Games’ vision is to become the most sought-after partner for IP owners for whom we provide a one-stop-shop service, covering the entire game production and publishing value chain. We have experience in publishing and marketing games globally, and our technology platform is scalable, meeting the needs of global operations. Our games are available for download in over 160 countries. We have built strong relationships with a number of major Western film and TV license holders and have partnered with major global players such as AMC Networks, Netflix and Alcon Entertainment.