Next Games as an Investment

The partner of choice for global entertainment businesses to craft authentic mobile games based on the world’s most beloved franchises.

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A strong position in a growing market

Next Games is a unique First North-listed company

Large and growing market to grab
The global gaming market is projected to grow to more than $200 billion by 2023, already larger than the film and music industry combined. Half of this market is mobile games, the fastest growing segment in gaming. Next Games develops and publishes mobile games that are based on well-known entertainment franchises, such as movies or TV series. Next Games benefits from its strategy as it is becoming increasingly common to expand these traditional entertainment formats with games.

Strong position as a publisher

Next Games has a strong market position in the growing mobile gaming market. We are an established company in the gaming and entertainment industry and a respected partner for large global media companies such as Netflix and AMC Networks. We are an efficient one-stop-shop for our partners, whose core business is often outside of gaming, as we provide services throughout the whole value chain from game concepting and development to publishing and marketing.

Universally known brands boost discovery

A strategy based on leveraging well-established and widely recognized brands to their full potential helps us break the noise in the crowded games market and better target advertising. Collaborating with large global media companies and working with recognized entertainment franchises has the potential to bring alternative marketing opportunities, higher user acquisition efficiency and increased organic uplift in comparison to competition.

Growth from expanding product range

Next Games seeks growth by entering into new license agreements, developing and launching new games, and investing heavily in product development. Next Games is constantly seeking to work with the most popular and loved TV series, movies and other entertainment franchises in the world.

Efficient scaling through unified infrastructure

Having in place a reliable, unified technical infrastructure that is as operationally light as possible is one of the key factors for efficient scaling. A unified infrastructure enables the use of shared services, such as marketing and analytics and the reusability of technical solutions between games to achieve higher technical quality and faster time-to-market with comparatively smaller investments over time.

A one-stop-stop-shop for partners

Our Value Chain

The prevailing business model in the market is free-to-play i.e. games that give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying and include voluntary in-game purchases.

Next Games licenses the rights to create games on and acts as a one-stop-shop for license holders as the developer and publisher providing all the services related to game life-cycle management.

Next Games’ games are published on Apple’s and Google’s application stores for players to download.

Players download games for free and can make in-application purchases. Platforms take a 30% cut out of these purchases.

Our Strategy

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Ground-breaking interactive entertainment

Together with our licensing partners, we create compelling fans-first interactive experiences by combining the stories of well-known movies, TV series, books and comics with interesting game mechanics.

More about our strategy