Corporate responsibility

Next Games has three main corporate social responsibility focus areas: Company culture and employee well-being, responsible gaming and the environment.

Company culture and employee well-being

Next Games grows with its people, which makes career and skill development an important focus area for us. We encourage our employees to freely explore new directions and develop new competences.

We are proactive in learning about our employees’ passions and supporting efforts to acquire new skills. Each discipline directs their own training effort, going for wide and deep substance expertise in everything we do. People have changed their entire careers with us. That’s something we’re proud of!

Creating an environment where colleagues support each other is another area we have put effort in over the years. While we work with individuals to advance their professional journey, we are ultimately all about growing great teams, who create great games.

Each employee has a big role in that: how well you lift others around you is the ultimate measure of excellence. Our guiding light in growing our team is that we don’t look for a culture fit — we look for what each person brings to our culture and values to make them richer. This year we made an important and very concrete commitment to reach 50% of non-male identifying employees in our staff by 2030. It’s a long road: something we are eager to start building with other parties in the industry. We believe the rewards will be well worth it.

Currently, we come from a wide range of backgrounds, with 28 nationalities and 22% other than male-identifying employees, we are prepared to work hard to achieve an even more diverse Next Games. In 2020 we also set up a special interest group focusing on diversity, inclusion and belonging that welcomes employees to participate across the whole company. We have also put considerable effort into ensuring equal and fair pay as well as ensuring our recruitment process is free of any unintentional bias.

Society and the environment

Operating in an environmentally aware fashion is important to us. We are committed to recycling our waste and saving energy wherever possible, such as by using motion detectors and timers in lighting.

We are nearly paper-free and aim to further reduce printing and the use of paper in our office. We are optimizing the use of our work equipment, which leads to longer life-cycles for devices.
We are an active contributor with an advisor board seat in Neogames, a member-based non-profit game industry organization. Through Neogames we support and participate in the development of Finland’s game industry. Through Neogames we are also an associate member of Playing for the Planet Alliance, a group of gaming-companies who have made voluntary, ambitious, specific, and time-based commitments to people and the planet.

Responsible gaming

We want people to enjoy our games for the right reasons – to have fun.

At Next Games we take responsible gaming seriously and want to offer a source of entertainment that people over the legal age limit can enjoy in a safe, secure and fair environment. Responsible gaming is a driving force to maintain a sustainable business.

Next Games is serious about the age appropriateness of our games. We comply with content-based rating categories set by distribution channels, and we always aim to market our games to the appropriate age audience. Our Player Support makes sure we proactively remove inappropriate language and behavior from our games to create a positive and safe environment for players.

Just as with our internal practices at Next Games, we pay great attention to diversity, inclusion, and belonging within our communities. We are sensitive and alert to any form of hate speech or agenda-pushing in our spaces, and we promote diversity and inclusion through both our live events and our community policies, such as allowing players to choose their own pronouns on our chat servers.

Next Games is a member of Fair Play Alliance and part of the coalition of over 140 other gaming companies. Together we are committed to developing and sharing information to guarantee an active, safe, and fair game experience for all kinds of players.

We pay great attention to providing a responsible, safe and welcoming environments in our games and within our communities. 

We ensure that through:

  • Instant automatic moderation of all user-generated content using state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Manual moderation of discussions on our own channels, such as forums, and all the social media channels we operate.
  • A clear set of community guidelines and strictly enforcing them.

Focusing on creating supportive communities where players help each other and treat each other as friends.

Treating and serving all players equally regardless of their level of engagement with our games.

  • We help to get refunds for accidental purchases made by our players when reported to us. We also resolve cases related to unwanted purchases in favor of our players when possible (e.g. through swapping items in their inventory for others ones of similar value)
  • We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations i.e. every player is able to quickly and easily get the information on the data we collect and process about them, and they can make a request to permanently delete all their data from our servers.
  • We have a self-harm prevention policy in place and cooperate closely with local and foreign authorities when needed to protect our players from any potential physical harm.