Our aim is to conduct responsible business by developing games that are true to the original entertainment IP. The creation of our unique game experience is powered by our thriving and talented staff, and our players are always front and center of our development process. 

Thriving and talented personnel

We employ over 100 people, representing 24 different nationalities, and we take pride in offering our staff an inspiring, appreciative, and self-development-focused working environment. 

Our values – caring, courage and curiosity – are strongly present in our daily work and guide our decision-making. Equal treatment regardless of personal attributes, such as age, gender or religion, is important to us.

We invest in the well-being of our personnel by offering an extensive healthcare service and health insurance package, with an emphasis on preventive care and ease of access. We also encourage our employees to focus on well-being at work by supporting voluntary hobby clubs as well as sports and cultural activities. We also support balancing work, family, and personal life with flexible working hours, remote work options, and childcare services.

We strive to offer our employees extensive opportunities to develop their know-how, and an opportunity for internal job rotation whenever possible. We also measure the satisfaction of our employees regularly.

Operating in an environmentally aware fashion is important to us. We recycle and save energy by using energy saving light bulbs, motion detectors, and timers in lighting and all of our electrical equipment. We have abandoned plastic water bottles and we aim to reduce printing and the use of paper in our office. We optimize the use of our work equipment, which leads to longer life-cycles for devices.

Player Community at the Center of Our Development Process

We listen to player feedback closely and involve players in improving the user experience. We believe player commitment stems from creating high-quality and long-lasting mobile entertainment.

Next Games is serious about the age appropriateness of our games. We comply with content-based rating categories set by distribution channels, and we always aim to market our games to the appropriate age audience. Our Player Support makes sure we proactively remove inappropriate language and behavior from our games to create a positive and safe environment for players.

Next Games is a member of Fair Play Alliance and part of the coalition of over 140 other gaming companies. Together we are committed to developing and sharing information to guarantee an active, safe, and fair game experience for all kinds of players. In Finland, we are a member of Neogames, a member-based non-profit game industry organization, through which we support and participate in the development of Finland’s game industry.