Fan Content Policy

Last updated: July 3, 2018

Here at Next Games we think our community is the best, and we really love that you’re excited about making stuff about our games. It just makes sense that you’d want to use Next Games’ assets when making stuff surrounding our games, and we’re really excited about that.

However, sometimes a few people can go a bit too far and use our assets in a way which would make even the toughest Walker sad. This includes people trying to convince the community that their content, videos, products, sites and services are somehow endorsed by, part of, or connected with Next Games. Some people do this by accident, but some do it on purpose in order to try to exploit the community and the work done by the Next Games team. So that’s why we’ve created the following guidelines when you’re using our assets to create your own stuff.

This Fan Content Policy governs your use of Next Games Corporation’s copyrights and trademarks, from The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, The Walking Dead: Our World to any and all future projects (“Next Games Assets”), for fan content purposes. We will not give warnings for violation of the Fan Content Policy.


FOR FAN CONTENT PURPOSES ONLY – By this we mean: Your use of Next Games Assets in fan content must be limited to displaying, identifying and discussing only Next Game’s products as permitted by this Fan Content Policy. You are not allowed to create new products or content based upon Next Games Assets, such as games based on any characters from Next Games’ games or characters, or those of our partners. Permitted fan content includes for example non-commercial fan-generated online guides and guide apps, fan meet ups, fan pages and gameplay videos provided that they follow this policy.

DO RESPECT NEXT GAMES’ BRAND – You are not allowed to create the impression with your content that Next Games is connected to, or in any way endorses or sponsors your content. This extends to the use of the Next Games logo anywhere in your content. You cannot create a likeness of the Next Games logo, trademarks or other elements of Next Games products, or the logos, trademarks and products of our partners. You may not modify Next Games Assets without express written permission from Next Games.

DO USE DISCLAIMERS – Use the following disclaimer (or a similar visible notice of unofficiality) in a readable form to consumers of fan content in connection with your use of Next Games Assets: “This content is not affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by or specifically approved by Next Games or its partners, and Next Games, nor their partners are responsible for it. For information of Next Games’ Fan Content Policy visit:

NON-COMMERCIAL – You cannot charge a fee of any kind (including in-app) from customers or visitors to your Next Games Assets based fan content without getting express permission from Next Games. Monetization of your fan content through adverts or donations (for example through YouTube or Twitch streaming services) are exceptions to this rule. Any donations you solicit may not be tied to any special features or special benefits of any kind whatsoever.

NOT FOR MERCH – Fan assets may not be created for the purposes of merchandising. You are not permitted to manufacture or distribute (for profit or for free) physical merchandising such as apparel which contains or displays any Next Games Assets without express written permission from Next Games.

RESPECT OUR PARTNERS IP – You are not permitted to create any form of fan fiction surrounding the brands belonging to either Next Games or our partners. This extends to novels, theatrical productions or any other adaptations which include the intellectual property of either Next Games or our partners.

NO TRADEMARK RELATED SITES – You are not permitted to register domain names, social media accounts or related addresses for your Fan Content which include any Next Games trademarks, or the trademarks of our partners, such as: Next Games, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, The Walking Dead: Our World and any future projects.


ABIDE BY PLATFORM T&Cs – Abiding by the rules of the platform of channel to which you share your fan content is very important to Next Games. When using Next Games Assets, you are obliged to follow all applicable developer policies and agreements.

OUR USE OF FAN CONTENT – We may, from time to time, use your Next Games Assets based fan content without compensation in a manner which we consider reasonable, such as for example posting it on our online channels or otherwise using it in marketing activities.

UNPUBLISHED INFORMATION AND FEEDBACK – If you receive information from us relating to as-yet-unpublished content, you need to keep that information to yourself and not disclose it to anybody else. Furthermore, if you give us feedback relating to as-yet-unpublished content you understand that we can use it without further compensation or other obligation to you.

We reserve the right to determine what type of fan content we are OK with and may revoke the limited use license granted in this Policy at any time and for any reason we see fit.

This Policy is part of the Next Games Terms of Use, and we may modify them at any time. When using Next Games Assets for fan content, your use is subject to the Next Games Terms of Use (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability). In the event a term of this Policy conflicts with the Terms of Use, this policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to fan content.