Master of Puppet Analytics

Without their knowing, the survivors of the post-apocalyptic world are watched constantly. Day and night, their moves and decisions are recorded with great diligence. Sometimes they are presented with different alternative courses of action, only to observe their behaviour and change the rules of the world accordingly. Sometimes their whole history since the apocalypse is pulled out of vast archives and placed under careful scrutiny and compared to their peers.

But watched by whom?

As it happens, Dear Reader, it could be you. The Analytics team at Next Games is looking for a Game Analyst for one of the game teams. Do you want to go beyond your usual daily activities of stalking and watching your neighbours? Do you want to spread information on other people, but on vastly larger scale and better accuracy than the usual office gossip? Do you want to keep on labeling people, but with far more accurate terms than the [CENSORED BY HR] you are accustomed to? If your expression already gives out your excitement, you might finally have found the job of your calling.

The analyst is is responsible for giving the game team visibility and insight on the behaviour of their players. The analyst is involved in all phases of the lifetime of the game. She will initially specify the data to be collected from gameplay, and eventually turn it into actionable pieces of information. Moreover, the analyst will prepare models to predict player behaviour and construct segmentations of players to gain further insight on them and e.g. to help targeting marketing efforts. She is supported in her work by other members of the analytics team.

What you’ll get to work on:

  • Supporting the game team in decisions and development, based on the past data on player behaviour
  • Specifying and possibly implementing game analytics event reporting to the company’s big data storage, in cooperation with the data engineer of the analytics team
  • Proactively following the collective behaviour of players in order to spot any significant changes
  • Constructing reliable reporting of high-level figures, such as daily number of users and money spent in the game, to be utilized by the analytics team’s finance/marketing specialists
  • Modeling the player behaviour in order to predict and facilitate affecting it
  • Answering ad-hoc questions of the game team regarding player statistics and behaviour

You would need to have these:

  • Strong skills in mathematical modeling, machine learning and/or statistics, but
  • Enough work experience (2+ years) to know when not to apply them but to settle with quick and simple solutions
  • At least Masters-level degree in a suitable field
  • Capability of communicating meaningful analysis results to people with little mathematical background
  • Ability to use sophisticated machine learning and/or statistical methods to tackle practical problems
  • Exceptional skills in both written and oral English
  • Knowledge of Big Data analysis with tools such as Google BigQuery
  • At least intermediate-level skills in SQL
  • Familiarity with Python, R, Matlab or a similar language, and associated software libraries for data analysis / visualization
  • Familiarity with visualization and reporting tools such as Tableau

You could and should be:

  • A gamer (this is a must)
  • A team player familiar with working with people having very different skillsets and backgrounds
  • A person ith learn-as-you-go -attitude, capable of delivering results fast despite little prior knowledge of the domain
  • Proactive in searching information and adopting and learning new concepts and tools
  • Curious in your attitude to the data
  • Capable of introducing and enforcing a data-driven culture to people with no analytical background

Here at Next Games we aim high, and will ask you to do the same. In exchange, you’ll be part of a team that is great to work with, who is dedicated and passionate about what we do – we believe passion is contagious. Giving each Nextgamer the tools and means to succeed in their job is our priority. We believe the fruits of our labor should be shared with everyone at Next Games. We offer the opportunity to work with a great bunch of passionate and dedicated people, a competitive salary and benefits package, and first and foremost a big challenge.

If you believe in the same things, don’t hesitate any longer, apply now! Please be in touch soon as we’ll proceed once the right person is found.

When you apply, please send us a short cover letter why you’re interested joining our team along with your CV and salary request.

If you want to hear more about the role and our team please give our very own Jörkki Hyvönen a call at +358 40 732 4080 during the following times:

  • Wednesday 29.6.2016 between 14.00 – 15.00 (EEST) or
  • Tuesday 5.7.2016 between 11.00 – 12.00 (EEST)

Jörkki is the main master behind our analytics, and he also goes by the name of Head of Analytics occasionally.